TRI Las Catalinas 2019
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TRI Las Catalinas 2020

February 8th, 2020
at Las Catalinas

TRI Las Catalinas 2018

The TRI Las Catalinas 2020 dates are out. As every year it will be in February, this time on Saturday the 8th. This off road takes place all across Las Catalinas- sea, trails and town, with a 1200m swim off Playa Danta, a 25km Mountain Bike across the hills and valleys, and finally an 8km run also across the trails.

sitors have the opportunity to tackle the Tri individually or by teams, compete in the Open Water swimming competition, or simply enjoy town and the many activities for the whole family going on over the weekend including a children’s race and awards ceremony as the grand finale.

What is a TRI day like? Check last TRI Las Catalinas recap video

More information coming soon. Keep updated with TRI Las Catalinas news here


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