Las Catalinas Beach Town - Master Plan
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Our master plan calls for a compact gem of a town surrounded both on land and at sea by beautiful nature. About 1,000 of our 1,200 acres will remain in a natural state, though we will actively help it regenerate into a fully fledged tropical dry forest – a rare and particularly beautiful and interesting ecosystem.

Our planning has been influenced by the New Urbanist movement which is re-establishing the practice and techniques of building walkable neighborhoods, towns, and cities. We have also been heavily influenced by the pedestrian hill towns of the old world. We have studied these historical precedents intensely (and joyfully – they are wonderful!) and they have helped us tremendously.

We are creating a seaside resort town and area at Las Catalinas. It is a beautiful and delightful place that provides a superlative experience for the people who live there – whether fulltime or for just one night.

The plan for Las Catalinas includes:

  • A primary beach town neighborhood on Playa Danta that we call Beach Town.
  • A secondary beach town neighborhood and primary hotel site on Playa Dantita.
  • Associated hill town neighborhoods on Punta Penca, Punta Guachipelines, Las Cruces, Windy Peak, and McHenry Peak.
  • Las Catalinas will mainly be a town of houses, as opposed to multifamily buildings, because we think there is something special about that.
  • Our plan includes restaurants, stores, a number of small inns, and maybe one or two bigger hotels, a school, civic buildings, offices, and recreational facilities like beach clubs, playgrounds, and an equestrian center.
  • Las Catalinas has a major emphasis on beautiful shared spaces that are great for walking and gathering: streets, passageways, plazas, and parks. Almost every house in Las Catalinas is set on a beautiful park or plaza of some kind.
  • Approximately 1,000 of the 1,200 acres of Las Catalinas will function as a nature preserve where we are actively assisting the regeneration of a full tropical dry forest. Having this nature at the edge of town is an important part of the experience of the town.

In Las Catalinas there is a great emphasis on a rich and beautiful public realm and on the joy of getting around under your own power. Our development is designed to be compact and will utilize only a small percentage of the land. There will be no high-rise development. No buildings will have more than four stories. Las Catalinas will be environmentally friendly in terms of energy and resource efficiency, water usage, water treatment, storm water control, and enhancement of wildlife habitat.

Las Catalinas will be a true town, with an economy based on resort, second home, and tourism activity.

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