Mountain Biking
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Mountain Biking

mountain biking

Las Catalinas has 22+ kilometers of flowy, fun and fast growing intermediate mountain bike trails. With a world-class insight, Las Catalinas offers tropical ocean views while zipping through jungle that resembles a scene straight out of Jurassic Park. The jungle is alive; filled with exotic birds, monkeys and alluring nature around every peak. The trail boasts a unique balance of moderate climbs and roller coaster like downhill flow. With an ever-growing presence in mountain biking, Las Catalinas has its very own bike shop, Pura Vida Ride. It is one of Costa Rica’s first ever professionally outfitted bike shops in the country supplying a full shop of replacement parts and some of the best mechanics in the country. Las Catalinas is the growing destination for mountain bike enthusiasts from all around the globe!

Call Us: +506 2654 4600