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The developers and designers of Las Catalinas have intensively studied many of the great places of the world.

  • Our physical planning methodology includes pedestrian streets and passageways that are very responsive to topography, frequent plazas and public spaces, and a great deal of attention to planning for views. Our primary models for this are the hilltowns of the Mediterranean. Some of the towns which have influenced us especially strongly include Ronda (Spain), Eze (France), the Cinque Terre (Italy), and Pienza (Italy).
  • We have learned many important principles and techniques from the New Urbanism movement in the US. Specifically, Glenwood Park in Atlanta and Seaside and Rosemary Beach on the gulf coast of Florida have been particular sources of learning and inspiration.
  • Traditional buildings in Central America have offered great lessons regarding finishes, materials, and techniques. Particular sources of inspiration include Antigua (Guatemala), Casco Viejo (Panama), and San Miguel de Allende (Mexico).
  • As a resort town, our programming has much in common with places like Aspen, or Carmel, or St. Barth. Las Catalinas won’t be dominated by any single hotel or club, but instead will have a rich variety of inns, shops, recreation, and activities.
  • While Las Catalinas draws on successful precedents wherever possible, we are also to some extent a new invention. Las Catalinas is a town that is built for pleasure – not for defensive or other reasons that might have applied to old-world hilltowns. Las Catalinas buildings won’t look like those in an Italian hilltown, because our climate is tropical and there is a great desire for outdoor living. So while we are drawing from a rich pool of wisdom and tradition, Las Catalinas is unique.
  • More information on this topic can be found in this blog post.
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